legrande environment friendly energy marathon - custom award

The use of bamboo was perfect for the Legrande Energy Marathon Champion because of how little energy and time it takes to create bamboo. This unique award is a great example of what we can both design and produce for a client with specific needs. 

examples as shown
Solid bamboo plywood and acrylic, finished using clear danish oil and a UV flatbed print. 

Size - 305mm H (12”) x 100mm W (4”) x 62mm D (2.5”)
Weight - Approximately 1kg (2.2 pound)

sustainability features  
- We source our wood from local timber yards that only sell recovered and reclaimed materials
- Bamboo is fast growing;  harvestable in 1-3 years, as opposed to hardwoods that can take up to 40 years + to mature

Legrande, Connecticut USA

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