pyramid custom awards

the gathering (CULT) - custom design 

We custom designed and handcrafted these unique custom pyramid trophies / awards specifically for The Gathering Awards ceremony. We designed the awards to be a modern interpretation of the classic pyramid shape. Typically pyramid trophies / awards are fairly plain and conservative but, we wanted these trophies / awards to be unique, modern and special.

The custom pyramid shape of the trophy / award was folded out of one piece of 2mm aluminium and finished with matte anodising. We then mixed up a custom silver metallic ink and silk screened the text and logos onto the pyramid sections.

The base was made of a heavy 6.35mm aluminium and anodised in a vibrant red colour. When looking into the pyramid  trophy / award from above you can see the year cut from the pyramid to reveal the red base below. A hidden detail. The base was then finished with a laser engraved plaque with the event and organisers details. 

The end result is a truly unique, modern and conceptual pyramid trophy / award that can be appreciated for many years to come.

materials used
Aluminum (marine grade).  


other details
Metallic silver screen prints 

quantity made

CULT, Alberta Canada. 

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