gap clothing awards custom corporate recognition not glass or crystal unique

gap clothing awards - custom corporate recognition

We were contracted by GAP Clothing, to create a unique custom award for a corporate event. The goals of the project were to create something less corporate and more 'crafty'. The result was these amazing string art awards that were custom designed and handcrafted to represent the textile industry. 

We used embroidery string for the centre feature and finished the inside and outside of the award in denim fabric. A tactile textile finish was contrasted against a minimal anodized aluminum finish to create a modern look. 

materials used
Aluminum, embroidery string and denim.


other details
Silk screen printed text and logos. 

sustainability features  
- Aluminum is 100% recyclable
- Aluminum has a lower melting temperature than other metals (less energy required to create/recycle)
- Anodizing uses less product to create a coating as opposed to painting or powder coating. Additionally, over spray or post painting clean up (solvents) is not an issue with anodizing.  

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