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wilson - custom environment friendly award & plaque design

We were honoured this year to create a series of custom trophies for Wilson Sporting Goods. The trophies were being awarded to Major League Baseball players for the Defensive Player of the Year awards. We created 12 of these in different colours and also custom designed a glove stand to match the trophies. 

The Wilson Defensive Player of the Year trophies stand 2' (605mm) tall and 4" (101mm) square. Created from aluminum, an embossed leather winners swatch was inset into the trophy. Silk screened with white and metallic inks, these trophies are big and impressive!

materials used
Aluminum and leather.

Anodizing and silk screen prints.

other details
Custom embossed leather swatches (Wilson) and custom glove stands.  

sustainability features  
- Aluminum is 100% recyclable
- Aluminum has a lower melting temperature than other metals (less energy required to create/recycle)
- Anodizing uses less product to create a coating than painting or powder coating. Additionally, over-spray or post painting clean up (solvents) is not an issue with anodizing.  


why choose us to design your corporate recognition products? 

We are a trophy design studio with extensive experience in custom trophy, award and plaque creation. We specialize in the creation of unique eco, handcrafted, custom designed trophies, awards, plaques and offer complimentary engraving services for all of our products. We use sustainable materials such as recovered wood and timber or traditional materials such as glass, acrylic and aluminium. 

We deliver to Canada and all states in the USA including Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming and New York. 

We custom design and handcraft all of our products from locally sourced materials and consider the environmental impact of all of our products and manufacturing processes.

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