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We are a design studio with extensive experience in custom trophy, award and plaque creation. We specialise in the creation of unique, handcrafted, custom designed trophies, awards, plaques and offer complimentary engraving services for all of our products. We use can sustainable materials such as new/recovered wood and timber or traditional materials such as glass, acrylic and aluminium.  plaques, trophies, custom trophies, trophy, trophy and awards, trophy plaque, custom awards, glass trophy, trophy awards, hockey trophy, trophies and awards, awards trophies, trophies & awards, acrylic trophy, custom made trophies, trophy medals, trophy suppliers, corporate trophies, custom award, trophy supplies, plaques and awards, trophies and plaques, custom trophy, custom plaque, medals and trophies, online trophies, trophy maker, personalised trophies, unique trophy, trophy hockey, unique trophies, modern plaque,, plaque design, trophy designs, trophy design, perpetual trophy, modern trophies, custom, trophy design, custom plaque design, trophy designer, custom award design, modern trophy design

block eco award

two sides wrapped: priced between $190 - $230 each
four sides wrapped: priced between $210 - $250 each
Prices are based on quantity, printed/engraved details, timelines and final specifications. Bulk discount available.

looking for the perfect corporate award or gift that fits any budget? Order our eco-friendly block eco awards. These awards incorporate recovered wood and recycled aluminum to minimize the impact to the environment.

- Artwork setup and printing in full colour
- Artwork must be supplied in eps format

lead time
1-2 weeks
Lead times can vary depending on the size of the project, design approval and final artwork approval.  

sustainability features  
- We source our wood from local timber yards that only sell recovered and reclaimed materials
- Our Pine Beetle wood is recovered from devastated forests
- Bamboo is fast growing;  harvestable in 1-3 years, as opposed to hardwoods that can take up to 40 years + to mature
- Aluminum is 100% recyclable
- Aluminum has a lower melting temperature than other metals (less energy required to create/recycle)
- Anodizing uses less product to create a coating as opposed to painting or powder coating. Additionally, over spray or post painting clean up (solvents) is not an issue with anodizing.  

anodizing colours  
- Matte finish

Anodising colours (matte finish)

wood options  
- Pine beetle wood (denim pine, recovered)
- Douglas Fir
- Others available on request 

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